Teton Hybrid Lead Yes, I Want the Teton HxD Hybrid Driver & Free Speed Snap!

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Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like the chance to save cash and strokes at the same time.

That’s exactly what you can do with our awesome holiday special.

For a limited time, you can buy the high-launching, super-accurate Teton HxD Hybrid Driver for just $99 and get the distance-boosting Speed Snap swing trainer absolutely FREE.

You’ll save a whopping $100 on the Teton while the Speed Snap sells for $79.

Total retail value: $278

Your price: $99

Total savings: $179 (64%)

Teton Hybrid Lead Yes, I Want the Teton HxD Hybrid Driver & Free Speed Snap!

As for those strokes, well, there’s no telling how many you (or your favorite golfer) will save with this combo.

First up:

The Teton HxD Hybrid Driver

Unique club launches high, carries long and splits fairways like nothing you’ve ever played

It’s unconventional.


And unmatched in its combination of distance and accuracy.

Bob Mooney certainly agrees.

He was among the golfers who pitted their own high-end drivers against the Teton HxD, and he came away impressed – to say the least.

“It’s much straighter and goes just as far as my driver,” said the 15 handicapper. “If not farther.”

You’ll hear more from the group momentarily.

First, let’s take a quick look at the Teton HxD from grip to sole.

Specs & Details

Loft – 15°

Perfect for typical amateur swing speeds. You can tee the Teton HxD lower than a standard driver, hit down on the ball like an iron and still get a high launch and long carry.

You’ll also reduce if not eliminate your slice – and you may even start hitting a draw.

Length – 42.5”

About 3 inches shorter than a regular driver, the Teton’s length is comparable to a 5-wood – so you’ll nail the sweet spot far more often.

Better contact = more distance and accuracy.

Oversized Hybrid-Style Clubhead

Speaking of sweet spots, we found it with the Teton’s clubhead. Smaller than a driver, larger than a standard hybrid, it’s easy on the eyes and the swing.

Driver-Like Face Height

Teton’s face is taller than a hybrid and inspires confidence at address. It’s also super-thin and white-hot for tons of ball speed.

Accuracy-Tuned Graphite Shaft

With weights, flexes and torque ratings to match your swing speed, Teton’s proprietary shaft has a mid-kick tip for a nice, high launch. (You’ll choose your perfect shaft at checkout.)

Combine these elements and what do you get? A fairway-splitting missile launcher.

Now about those amateur tests.

When pitting the Teton against his own conventional driver, Bob Mooney posted an eye-popping 70% improvement in his accuracy, going from an average of 27 yards off line with his driver to just 8 yards with the Teton.

Mark Davies, a 19 handicap, went from 27 yards off with his driver to just 7 with the Teton – a 74% improvement.

Afterward, Mark was ready to switch.

“The driver I have, I play ‘army golf,’ left and right,” he said. “The Teton is amazing...

“I think the person who designed it needs to be awarded the Nobel prize for golf.”

The winner in accuracy improvement was Richard Schleicher. With his own driver, Richard averaged 20 yards wide of target. With the Teton HxD – a mere 3 yards.

For good measure (pun intended), Richard was also a couple of yards longer with the Teton.

“For a 75-year-old dude who used to be a 10 handicap and is now a 28 handicap,” he said, “BIG difference.”

Now, you may think those accuracy improvements came at the expense of driving yards.


Most of the test golfers posted comparable distance with the Teton vs. their own clubs (while hitting Teton MUCH straighter).

A few even hit the Teton longer, including Mike Anderson. The 16 handicapper was stunned.

“I never would have guessed in a million years that I could hit this (Teton) farther than (my driver),” he marveled, adding…

“The Teton is my new club.”

We’re absolutely certain this club can transform your tee game.

That’s why we have no qualms in offering…

A bullet-proof, 60-day guarantee: Get your money back if the Teton HxD doesn’t whip your current driver.

Most likely, you’ll know within a few swings that the Teton HxD is just what the doctor ordered.

But you don’t need to decide after a few swings.

Go ahead and play entire rounds and hit range balls with it.

That’s the best way to make sure it launches high enough…

Carries far enough…

And finds the fairway consistently enough…

To beat the driver you’re currently playing.

If it doesn’t, just send it back within 60 days for a full product refund.

No questions asked.

No risk for you.

Teton Hybrid Lead Yes, I Want the Teton HxD Hybrid Driver & Free Speed Snap!

Now that you’ve read about the Teton HxD Driver, you may not need much incentive to purchase it for a mere $99.

But just to sweeten the deal, we’re throwing in an incredible free bonus:

The Speed Snap Swing Trainer

Improves your tempo, lag and timing for big distance and uncanny accuracy

It’s simple:

The Speed Snap helps you not just make the moves that will boost your power and consistency…

It helps you feel them. That’s how you build the muscle memory needed for long-term success.

The Speed Snap is an amazingly effective swing trainer you can use anywhere, indoors or out – at home, in the office or wherever you happen to be.

In short order, you’ll notice dramatic improvement in three key areas:

Tempo, lag and timing.

Improving just one of these can contribute to increased speed and distance PLUS better, more consistent ball-striking, all the way through the bag.

Improving all three can literally be a “game-changer.”

The Speed Snap’s key features:

  • A shorter shaft than an actual golf club, so you can swing it in a fairly small space.
  • A formed grip that automatically positions your hands for a free swing.
  • The adjustable Speed Snap ball, which slides down the shaft as you come into the impact zone and makes an audible “crack” at the moment you reach top speed.

No more wondering, “Am I swinging as fast as possible at exactly the right moment?” Now you’ll know.

And the proper moves will become second-nature – very, very quickly.

Pair the Speed Snap with the Teton HxD Hybrid Driver and what do you get?

More Distance. More Accuracy.And One Heck of a Holiday Deal.

So let’s sum up this deal again, quickly.

Total retail value: $278

Your price: $99

Total savings: $179 (64%)

Teton Hybrid Lead Yes, I Want the Teton HxD Hybrid Driver & Free Speed Snap!

That’s a fairway-splitting driver for just 99 bucks.

Plus a swing trainer that will help you max out your performance with every club, absolutely FREE.

But only for a very short time – if supplies don’t run out first.

Get the Teton HxD Hybrid Driver and free Speed Snap now to start the holidays in stroke-saving style.

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